When A Mediated Agreement Could Drive You To Drink;-)

Imagine this conversation: A woman walks into a bar, takes a seat, and says to the bartender: "Pour me a stiff one. I just gave my ex-landlord every penny he sued me for, plus a $1,500.00 bonus." "Whoa," responds the bartender, pouring her a shot, "there must be a story there." The woman smiles, leans in to take a sip, and begins to tell the bartender her story. Fade out. Okay, this scenario is a complete fabrication. But the back story below, explaining this woman's interaction with her landlord, is real. So, read on, but don't expect to find any clues as to what she might tell the bartender. Without a court TV exit interview, the answer to that mystery is unknowable. Read more...

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